The Healthy Approach to Gaming

About the course

Have you ever imagined being able to game whenever you want?

What if we told you that gaming never had to cause you any problems again? Would you believe us? If you answered ‘no’, we wouldn’t blame you. However, we are here to show you that it is possible to Gamewell.


Gaming does not need to have a negative effect on your life. In fact, gaming can actually improve your life. If you are a gamer, you know how many benefits it has. It can improve cognition, teamwork skills, and is also a great way to spend time with friends.


However, you might also know that there is a dark side to gaming. Some people let it get in the way of their schoolwork, their household chores, and some retreat into it completely to forget about the real world. If you are experiencing these downsides to gaming, we want to help you.


We’re not going to tell you to stop gaming. In fact, quite the opposite; we want you to game. By completing our course, you will not only know how to perfectly balance gaming with the rest of your life, but also how to negotiate with your parents about it, and we even include some tips on how to become a pro gamer!


Our course was designed by leading pro gaming psychologists with you in mind. Join us, and learn how to be the best gamer you can be!

5+ hours of content

Performance optimised content to teach you how to “Game Well”

Gamer friendly video lessons

Each subject is broken down into easy-to-understand modules

Created by gamers

Our course is designed by gamers, for gamers


Practise how you are going improve your life with the Gamewell programme

Learn to game healthily

Get all of the benefits of gaming with none of the negatives

Bonus course workbook

This contains extra information with some extra pro-gaming tips thrown in!

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Is this course for me?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then this course is for you. Through us, you’ll understand why gaming might be a problem, how to solve that problem, how you can negotiate with your parents or carers about gaming, and how you can increase your chances of going pro.

meet the team

Designed by Álvaro Fernández, a former amateur gamer champion and health psychologist, taught by Martina Cubric, a leading E-Sports psychologist, featuring renowned actor Stephen Wilson who plays the role of young Martina’s dad.


Álvaro Fernández


Álvaro Fernández Cencerrado is Gamewell’s chief content creator. He is a psychologist and very keen gamer. In 2018, Alvaro won the amateur Spanish League of the MOBA ‘Heroes of the Storm’.

When he finished his studies, Álvaro realised that his two great passions, psychology and video games, could be brought together to help people to understand gaming better.


Martina Čubrić

Esports psychologist

Martina Čubrić is Gamewell’s chief esports expert. She is a sports psychologist and former national basketball player, with a keen interest in wellness and performance improvement. 

She is currently an inhouse psychologist for the Spanish pro esports team MAD Lions, whose three European teams compete in League of Legends & Counter Strike.

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Learning Outcomes

course time

5 hours total
5 chapters

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When you sign up for the Gamewell Gamers Programme you will receive a FREE Personal Workbook synthesising the course content

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  • Avoid problem gaming
  • Know how to avoid conflict with family
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Your questions answered

Much like online gaming, communication and teamwork is the way! Through completing our course, you will be able to convey what you need to do to achieve your goals to your parents in a non-argumentative and informed way.

This course will inform you of some of the pitfalls and signs of problem gaming – this may be enough to help. If it is not, we would recommend seeking professional help.

Absolutely not! We want you to be able to game. We just want you to game healthily.