Motivation Boost

A free Gamewell E-learning course for aspiring gamers.

What's the course about?

The  Gamewell motivational series features an in-depth analysis of motivation, and how it can be applied to e-sports and gaming, as well as other areas of life. The course uses theoretical exploration and practice sessions to help students to harness their motivation and use it effectively.

Inspirational videos and speeches may persuade viewers to become more motivated – but only temporarily. True motivation comes from within, and this program will educate viewers on how to become self-motivated. Gamewell believes in creating a positive feedback loop that generates momentum and leads to consistent motivation.

By studying motivation we can begin to identify its different types, and how different circumstances affect the way that people are driven to do a task. In the course, we will discuss a set of motivational theories called the motivational continuum, which makes sense of our different reactions to certain forces. We will understand what drives us to act, behave, or perform in a certain way.

Is this course for me?

This course is designed to inspire us by expanding our knowledge on what motivation truly is. With an increased understanding of motivation, we can use it to our advantage to create opportunities for ourselves. This goes for e-sports and gaming, as well as other areas of life. In order to become a professional gamer, you need to be highly motivated to achieve your goals. Even if you aren’t an aspiring professional, this course can help you to have better control over your life and excel in whatever you choose to pursue.

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Learning Outcomes

course time

1.5 hours total
1 hour video +
practical excercises


Your questions answered

The Gamewell motivational series is a free online course with no commitment. We provide users with highly valuable information at no cost. Of course, this information exists elsewhere, but we have compiled it into a format that increases motivation and provides viewers with the tools that they need to succeed.

Professional gaming is mentally and physically demanding. Without proper motivation, gaming will remain a hobby, rather than a career.

This course is not strictly intended for one age group. Children who are old enough to read and write at a sufficient level can benefit from the motivational lessons, but the content is rich enough to satisfy the needs of adults too.

A lack of motivation can be a contributing factor in an unhealthy relationship with gaming. Our goal is to help promote a healthy relationship with gaming that leads to an increased quality of life.

Understanding what drives your children to think, behave, and perform a certain way will help you to address the systematic changes needed to reform their relationship with video games.