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What's the course about?

ESports are growing at an incredible rate; competition prize pools can be in the millions, and hundreds of thousands of people aspire to become professional gamers. At Gamewell, we want to make this happen for you. We’ve been investing time and applying our professional expertise to help you understand how to achieve the highest level of gaming performance.

Playing video games for hours on end does not lead to a professional gaming career. Much like with other professional sports, eSports players need to follow a structure that enforces discipline and good habits. Some of the highly valued skills required for professional gaming include; strong communication skills, social skills, and physical and mental fitness. This course is designed to educate viewers on how to optimise their gaming performance through improved sleeping habits, nutrition, exercise, and more.

Is this course for me?

If you aspire to become a professional gamer, this course will improve your chances of reaching your goal. Not only does this course target gaming performance, but other important aspects of life as well. Through improved physical and mental health, you become the gamer you want to be.

You may already be an exceptional gamer; we’re here to take you to the next level. When you optimise your gaming ability, you reach your true potential. Regardless of your gaming aspirations or ability, if you want to make the most of your gaming abilities, this course is for you.

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Your questions answered

Our bodies are machines; as such, we need to take care of every working part. Physical health improves our mental functioning, and vice versa. Studies of professional gamers showed that exercising and reading during breaks from play increased performance and decreased mistakes.

The quality and duration of sleep is key for high functioning athletes. Quality of sleep can be negatively affected by gaming just before bed, due to the impact of blue light exposure from screen time. Gamers who sleep adequately, and don’t game in their last 90 waking minutes, are more likely to perform well.

Up until recently, gaming hasn’t been widely considered as a sport, so our understanding of how to perform at a high level was under-researched. Our ground-breaking program approaches gaming with a similar mentality to other competitive sports.

Gaming as often as possible leads to a decline in performance. Our attention begins to diminish once we have been performing a task for a certain amount of time. Taking breaks and incorporating exercise and medication into your gaming routine will be more effective in improving your performance.

A healthy gamer is an effective gamer. A balanced diet helps to improve cardiovascular health and cognitive functioning, which are essential for the physically and mentally gruelling environment which professional gaming involves.