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We aren't just healthcare professionals - we're gamers too


Paul Flynn

Paul Flynn is the CEO of Gamewell. Paul built one of Europe’s largest privately owned recruitment companies, before pivoting into the field of behavioural health. He has created a number of industry-leading niche brands in this space: Orchestrate Health, Behavioural Wealth and Addcounsel. Paul also retains interests in various tech companies, such as Senseon, a world-leading A.I. cyber security company. He holds a BA and MA in business related disciplines and is currently studying for his MSc in Addiction Studies at King’s College, London. A Leicester (Liverpool) man, Paul remains a mad Reds fan and is always the first one onto the pitch for some keepy-uppy….(can do 25 at best).

My role is to work with my team to build a world-class educational technology platform to educate people about healthy gaming. I passionately believe that through early intervention in learning, the risks can be mitigated


Dr Cosmo Duff Gordon

Dr Cosmo Duff Gordon is COO and Clinical Director of Gamewell. He is a chartered psychologist and a specialist in behavioural health, a field he has been working in since 2005. In 2010 he founded Start2Stop, a leading addictions treatment centre in London.

Cosmo has given talks on treating addiction at the British Psychological Society’s (BPS) annual conference and at Public Health England (PHE). In 2018, he was invited to give one of the opening talks at the iCAAD London international addictions treatment conference. More recently, he was a speaker at iCAAD Paris (2019), on the topic of ‘Recovery & Identity’. Publications include ‘Recover RSA’ (2011) and ‘Surrender to Win’ (Health, 2020).

I was inspired to co-found Gamewell because I suddenly woke up to the depths of my own ignorance about gaming. Here I was, a father to a keen gamer, a so-called behavioural health expert with many years of practice, and yet I did not really have much of a clue about gaming. I certainly lacked the knowledge and tools to be able to effectively help someone with any kind of gaming problem. So Gamewell is our attempt to provide the education, resources, tools and skills that people like me -- teachers, parents, therapists, psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists-- need, if we are going to try to help people to have the healthiest possible relationship with gaming


Álvaro Fernández Cencerrado

Álvaro Fernández Cencerrado, Gamewell’s Chief Content Creator, is a psychologist from Madrid who specialises in gaming and addictions. Aside from psychology, Alvaro’s passion is gaming. In 2018 he won the amateur Spanish League of the MOBA ‘Heroes of the Storm’. After university, Alvaro realised that his two great passions could be brought together to help people to understand how to game healthily.

Although video games may seem incredible when we are young, we can quickly realise how problematic they can become if we don't learn to manage our gaming. Gamewell has been created to help lay the foundations for healthy gaming.


Martina Čubrić

Martina Čubrić is Gamewell’s chief esports expert. She is a sports psychologist and former national basketball player, with a keen interest in wellness and performance improvement. She is currently an inhouse psychologist for the Spanish pro esports team MAD Lions, whose three European teams compete in League of Legends & Counter Strike. When not working with the MAD Lions, Martina also coaches amateur and semi-professional gamers and has previously worked with young gamers in the eSquad Academy. She has a deep understanding of the elite and amateur videogame populations. This enables her to provide perspective and insight ‘from the trenches’ and to adapt teachings to any level.

I truly believe that the learnings Gamewell offers are vitally needed by gamers and families. Investment in the gamer-specific education of the younger generations is going to bring positive changes in all gaming related careers. This is consequently going to improve the health of many individuals for the better


Andy Robertson

Andy Robertson is a family video game expert, writing for national newspapers and broadcast for 15 years. He has written the Taming Gaming book and runs the Family Video Game Database.

The ethos and approach of Gamewell not only empowers parents and carers to avoid the dangers of video games, but sets them up to anchor games as a healthy part of family life. The combination of expertise and clear communication is a powerful and essential voice in the fast-changing world of video games.


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