The Healthy Approach to Gaming

What is Gamewell?

A groundbreaking and CPD accredited ed-tech company dedicated to healthy gaming

The global gaming problem

Do you think that gaming is a problem? If you do, you wouldn’t be alone – it’s a divisive subject. People either think it’s great, or it’s awful. Gamewell are here to bridge the gap between gaming culture and anti-gaming culture with our groundbreaking ed-tech platform.

We understand gaming. We know that when used correctly it has a multitude of benefits. However, we also know that problem gaming is real, and we appreciate how much it can impact on the lives of gamers and their families. Our Gamewell Professionals course is here to help you make you make a difference.


The Gamewell solution


Gaming doesn’t have to cause problems. When it’s done properly, it can actually be a fantastic tool that can be used for education, improving teamwork, socialising, and even help people process trauma.

However, we know that not everyone has such a good relationship with gaming. Problem gaming is a real thing which can impact on player’s lives in a multitude of negative ways. It can affect sleep patterns, academic work, social skills, and physical health.

Our goal is for every gamer to be able to have the good sides of gaming, with none of the bad.


about the course

You will get a wide and objective overview of gaming. Our course is scientifically informed, but each point is contextualised and thoroughly explained.  We approach gaming from a holistic point of view, in which we look at every aspect of it. We understand gaming culture, people’s motivations to game, and what the symptoms of problem gaming look like.

Our course has been designed by leading gamers, Gaming Psychologists, and therapists, to combine the latest gaming knowledge with cutting edge intervention techniques to deliver an accessible and effective program.

Through completing our program, you will be able to show people how to Gamewell.

Gamewell Professionals is worth 18 CPD credits.

CPD accredited training programme

Earn 18 CPD credits by completing Gamewell Professionals

Performance optimisation content

Performance optimised content to teach you how to “Game Well”

Content created by a team of Psychologists

And led by an ex-amateur gamer champion

200+ scientific references

Directly linked with the content and well classified by each topic

Case Studies with relatable insight

Performance optimised content to really engage gamers and teach them how to “Game Well”

FREE course notebook

Which synthesises the course content and provides extra learning material

watch a preview

Is this course for me?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, becoming Gamewell Certified is right for you.

Gamewell Professionals is the first course of its kind in the UK which combines the latest in Gaming Psychology research with novel interventions for problem gaming.  Through completing our programme you’ll not only know how to Our groundbreaking new ed-tech program shows people how to Gamewell. 

course details

Further detail on what to expect from taking the Gamewell Certified Training Programme

Learning Outcomes

course time

20 hours total
12 Compulsory / 8 Additional

free personal notebook

When you sign up for the Gamewell Certified Training Programme you will receive a FREE Personal Notebook which contains the course information, and some bonus material.

meet the team

Created by Alvaro Fernández Cencerrado, former amateur gamer champion and Health Psychologist, reviewed by Dr. Cosmo Duff Gordon, Gamewell’s clinical director and narrated by Rob Fraser, expert in cyberpsychology


Álvaro Fernández


Álvaro Fernández Cencerrado is Gamewell’s chief content creator. He is a psychologist and very keen gamer. In 2018, Alvaro won the amateur Spanish League of the MOBA ‘Heroes of the Storm


cosmo duff gordon

Chartered Psychologist

Cosmo is a behavioural health specialist and Chartered Psychologist

course options

Select which course you would like to take

These professional programmes are designed for teachers, therapists, and anyone working with gamers in a professional capacity. 

beginner's course

Develop a global and holistic understanding of gaming and the gamer


Intermediate Bundle

Expand your education in the psychology of gaming


Everything in the beginner’s course, plus

advanced bundle

Empowered to support healthy gaming and to intervene meaningfully to help someone with a gaming disorder


Everything in the beginner & intermediate courses, plus


Your questions answered

You will receive this upon completion of your chosen course.

The certificate recognises that you understand gaming, the psychology behind it, and how to treat disordered gaming.

Beginners – 5
Intermediate – 7
Advanced – 6

18 in total.

You can state that you are Gamewell certified upon completion of the course.

Whether or not you can work as a gaming therapist or counsellor will be dependant on the local laws in your country.

We give accreditation to those who have really engaged and completed each required section.