The Healthy Approach to Gaming

About the course

Solving gaming conflicts through education

Gaming is now a global phenomenon. It’s estimated that 93% of children play video games, and if you are reading this, there is a good chance yours do too.

You may know that gaming can cause problems; some children neglect their studies and their social lives to play. We understand that as a parent this can be alarming, especially if you aren’t experienced with gaming yourself.

That’s where we come in. Gaming does not have to cause problems for your family – with the correct help, it is possible to Gamewell. This means that your child will be able to play video games without them interrupting the rest of their life, and you won’t have to worry about this happening. Through our revolutionary ed-tech platform, a happy compromise is possible for everyone.

If you have ever asked yourself why your child gets angry after gaming, why your child has lost interest in their other hobbies, or debated turning the WiFi off, our course is for you.

Our course has been designed by some of the luminaries in Gaming Psychology to educated parents on what gaming actually is, why people do it, what problem gaming looks like, and how to address problem gaming. 

The Gamewell solution

At Gamewell, we believe that amazing change can come about through education. We know that there is no easy mode and no cheat code for being a good parent – it takes hard work. As you progress through our course you will understand why your child games, if they have a gaming problem, and how simply telling them not to game is an approach which is doomed to failure. 

We will provide the tools for you and your family to come to an agreement where everyone is happy – your child will game a healthy amount, and you can rest assured that their mental wellbeing and the rest of their life is in good shape!

Once you have completed the Parents Programme, we recommend you do the Gamers Programme with your child. This programme will help you continue your gaming education. And it will really help you see things from your child’s point of view. You can see more information of the Gamers Programme by clicking here.

Developed by Professionals

Created by a team of leading Gaming Psychologists, Therapists, and Gamers

Evidence Based Theories

Our program is informed by cutting-edge scientific studies and therapeutic approaches

Easily Digestible Content

Our informative ed-tech course is accessible to any parent who wants to improve their child's life

Avoid family arguments

No one likes arguing with their family - we will guide you to a place where everyone is happy

Help Your Child Game Well

Performance optimised content to really engage gamers and teach them how to “Game Well”

Bonus workbook

Our workbook contains additional bonus academic information for you to continue to expand your knowledge

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Is this course for me?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then our course is for you. By completing the Gamewell Parents course you will understand why your child games, how you can negotiate with them about gaming, and how to identify and address problem gaming.


meet the team

Conceptualised by Álvaro Fernández former amteur gamer champion and health psychologist, taught by Martina Cubric, a leading E-Sports psychologist, and with the appearance of a Stephen Wilson a professional actor that has played the role of young Martina’s dad in the gamers programme roleplayings.


Álvaro Fernández


Alvaro Fernández Cencerrado is Gamewell’s chief content creator. He is a psychologist and very keen gamer. In 2018, Alvaro won the amateur Spanish League of the MOBA ‘Heroes of the Storm’.

When he finished his studies, Alvaro realised that his two great passions, psychology and video games, could be brought together to help people to understand gaming better.


Martina Čubrić

Esports psychologist

Martina Čubrić is Gamewell’s chief esports expert. She is a sports psychologist and former national basketball player, with a keen interest in wellness and performance improvement. 

She is currently an inhouse psychologist for the Spanish pro esports team MAD Lions, whose three European teams compete in League of Legends & Counter Strike.

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What you will get out of the Parents Course

Learning Outcomes

course time

2 hours total
9 chapters

free personal workbook

When you sign up for the Gamewell Parents Programme you will receive a FREE Personal Workbook synthesising the course content

Our groundbreaking ed-tech course is designed by leading gaming psychologists for gamers and their families. Gaming doesn’t have to cause problems – as long as you Gamewell.

Our Gamers course is available as a bundle with the Parents course, saving you £50.

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  • Learn about video game culture
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  • Understand how to talk about gaming with your child

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  • Understand the complex motivations for gaming
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Your questions answered

Healthy gaming is a collaborative process and both sides need to be informed. 

By completing the Parents Program you will understand the journey to healthy gaming just as well as your child does, and you can go on your journey together.

Show an interest in what they are doing – all too often parents think their child doesn’t want their parent involved in their gaming. This doesn’t mean you have to put on a headset, pick up a controller, and dive into a Fortnite session with them. Simply asking them questions and showing that you want to understand their hobby will improve this relationship with them and open up the possibility of positive communication both ways.

Our Parents course will show you how to talk about gaming with your child, and how to negotiate the best deal for both of you.

Our program uses a four step methodology: communication, video game, negotiation, and scheduling. Our course contains pioneering therapeutic approaches designed to be used by any parent. 

Gamewell offer our Professionals package which is designed for anyone with a real interest in gaming.