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We know that being a parent isn’t always easy. We understand that your child’s journey to healthy gaming is not always simple; our Discord is here to help. Anyone who has subscribed to our Parents Program is eligible for a lifetime membership to the exclusive forum where you can talk to other parents who have completed the program.

Your journey as a Gamewell Parent doesn’t end when you finish the course. Not only will you be applying your new knowledge and techniques in the real-world, you’ll also be thinking of ways you can improve them. No two children are the same, and the uniqueness of your child means that your work with them is also one-of-a-kind. However, we all benefit from sharing knowledge and experience with others.

Our Gamewell Parents Discord is the perfect forum for you to do so. Here, you can communicate your experience of showing your child how to game healthily with other parents who are on the same journey with their children. You can exchange tips and tricks, and share triumphs and struggles with people who understand. This forum will be fully moderated, meaning that all public communication will be appropriate, and your membership will last a lifetime.

What is Discord?

Discord is a platform for professional communication. It was originally designed for gamers to coordinate play or talk to each other whilst playing. Discord provides video calls, voice chat, and text chat features.

Why have we chosen Discord?

The chat features mentioned above make it perfect for Gamewell Parents to share their tactics related to gaming and problematic gaming. We appreciate that showing your child how to game healthily is a journey of shared experiences; it has to involve understanding from both parties. Like being a parent, this isn’t always easy. As such, we provide an incredibly effective and easy to use forum for our parents to do communicate and share how they Gamewell.

Is Discord easy to use?

It is Discord’s ease of use which has made it so popular. Users can access it through the web, a mobile app, or a desktop program for both Windows or Mac. It has a simple and easy-to-learn layout which means that even those of us who are not computer savvy can access it.

How to join our discord server

  1. Check the link in your welcome message after joining a Gamewell course.
  2. Copy that link into your internet browser.
  3. If you don’t have a Discord account, please register with the same email address that you registered with Gamewell. After registering, click on the “Have an invite already?” tab, and paste the link there again. 
  4. Once in the server, you’ll have to read and confirm you agree with the rules by clicking to one of the emojis attached below
  5. To increase security, we added mobile verification. Just enter your mobile number and you’ll get a verification code to enter into Discord. Verify your mobile and then you will be able to react to the emojis.
  6. Choose your role: Gamer, Parent or Professional. Remember that after choosing your role you confirm as well that you have read and agreed to the server rules.
  7. If you want to be notified of relevant announcements click on ‘follow’ on the announcements channels. You can unfollow it anytime you want.
  8. Each role has its own unique channels. A role only sees its specified channels: for example, Gamers cannot see the Parent channels, Professionals cannot see the Gamers channel, etc. Each role only sees its specific channels plus general channels and members belonging to its role plus staff members.

How to join our discord server with the windows app


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