The Healthy Approach to Gaming

Gamewell is the #1 Ed-Tech company offering training and courses for a healthier approach to gaming.


We understand gaming. At Gamewell, your goals are our goals. We want you to be the best you can be.
Our revolutionary programme will  show you how gaming healthily can help your mental wellbeing and also improve your performance on screen.


 We understand that your child’s journey to healthy gaming is not always simple; our programme is here to help you.


You will learn about why your child games, what the healthy approach to gaming is, and how to avoid any more gaming based arguments.


Gamewell is a 3 stage CPD accredited programme for Teachers, Therapists and any Professional working with gamers & their families.


It provides the necessary tools and strategies to demonstrate the healthy approach to gaming.



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How gaming impacts our dopamine levels and what we need to do to ensure we GAME WELL

Dopamine is the brain’s main feel-good neurotransmitter. Our brains release dopamine to reward pleasurable experiences. So when we begin gaming, dopamine gets released. We feel good. As we continue to game, more dopamine is released. But it becomes harder and harder for the brain to absorb all this dopamine.

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Psychologist and Founders Interview: Professional Training

Psychologist and Founders Interview: Why Gamewell

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Gamewell is an Ed-Tech company committed to becoming the global platform that promotes a healthy approach to gaming.

We are not anti-gaming; many of our team are avid gamers and engage in regular usage – with some members playing in prominent e-sports teams.

Through our psychologically focused training programmes we educate those who wish to learn more about gaming and how to help people regulate their usage, without judgement. They are CPD accredited and come with our trademarked GameWell certification.